Purchase Options


We offer instant in-store financing (as we do financing ourselves) at terms made for your personal budget! If this will be your first time fnancing with us, please submit your on-line credit application. After receiving it, we will call you to discuss how we can help fulfill your home furnishing needs. If you would like to skip the online credit application, simply call us at (757) 627-5075. After a brief conversation, we should be able to give you your financing requirements. Often times, no down payment is required!

If in the recent past you have had some credit issues and a down payment is required, we can hold the merchandise you want until you can complete your down payment. That way, we give almost everyone the opportunity to rebuild their credit!


With our layaway program, you may have up to one full year to complete your transaction. We have plenty of warehouse space and are more than happy to accommodate your layaway. There is no storage fee or layaway fee of any kind!